Essential Skills



Step by step tutorials covering all the basics of photography. Clear and simple explanations for fundamentals such as Aperture – Shutter Speed – ISO and how changing these settings on camera affects the image taken by the camera.
Understanding these fundamentals will allow you to remain in control of your camera and feel confident to use it manually without having to resort to the cameras auto settings.
This is one of our favourite topics as this usually generates great discussion.
How does the saying go? …..One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?
Well art is like that isn’t it? And after all photography is art.
One thing is for sure, everyone has their own opinion and what one person thinks is fabulously creative – another may feel is just plain awful.
The basics of good composition however are solid and we go over golden rules throughout the site giving explanations as to why images work well.
We cover many topics and recommend other photography training courses if we feel they are of a high enough standard and will be of benefit to you. We are here to help you learn with easy to follow photography tips.
So.. what type of photography would you like to learn?
Best Photography Gear Reviews
We give it to you straight with our honest reviews of the latest photographic equipment. Camera reviews, lighting review guides. We even ponder bigger questions such as which brands to choose like our post Canon vs Nikon.
Okay… so you want to learn about portraiture – no problem. We give you photography tips and techniques to make your portraits really engaging, whether they’re taken in a studio or on location.
If you have an engaging personality then you are more than halfway there as it’s often been said that being a good portrait photographer is 70% people skills.
That being said… we will provide you with all the tools to get you killer portraits to go with your fabulous outgoing personality ☺.
Wedding photography is like Marmite for a lot of photographers – either love it or loathe it!
Some just find them stressful while others get a lot of pleasure from them and make a lot of money doing them.
There are many photographers around the world who make an exceptionally good living from photographing weddings and we will look at the best, their work and what they’ve done to achieve their success.
Of course we are giving you great training to get your photography at the level you need, and we tell you what to expect from a typical day as a wedding photographer, your choices of camera kit, the software of choice and demonstrations on how to use it well.
A popular subject and a fairly crowded marketplace – but don’t let that stop you if your passion is photographing landscapes. You’ll find great training here and top photography tips for all levels and opportunities out there if you’re willing to look.
We provide software tutorials for getting the best from your landscape photographs and even show you how to publish your own photography as Giclee prints or canvases. We’ve got great tips on how to get creative with your images and establish your own style.
Also, where to find outlets for your artwork and potentially earn money from something you love.
This is a broad subject and covers many types of photography such as..
Product photography / Pack Shots
Architectural Photography / Interiors
Corporate Portraiture
Event Photography
360 Photography
We look at the photographic equipment needed to produce professional level product photography along with step by step guides on lighting and post production. We also demonstrate how your image may be used in marketing material such as a brochure to give you a thorough appreciation of the whole commercial process.
Okay .. this is a BIG ONE! There are many places online where you can learn how to get into photography. We are going to cover this as a hobby and also as a profession.
Photography is the biggest and fastest growing hobby in the world. Let’s face it.. the global population owns a camera in one form or another – even if it’s just on their phone!
For the majority it stays this way – a hobby, to be enjoyed and maybe developed for pleasure. You’re happy to familiarise yourself with common photography terms and improve some basic skills.
For others it’s a passion that they wish to turn it into a profession. This can prove difficult as competition can be strong.
This section on marketing focuses on providing insights to help you achieve your goals.
We look into many varied avenues where there is opportunity to make money from your photography.
We cover methods of building authority and trust in your field by leveraging such things as social media and network groups amongst others.
We delve into online and offline marketing, look at the pros and cons of each so that you can make a more informed decision as to which is best for you.
If you are looking to build your own photography website or outsource this you’ll find great info right here for you to get started and get your business online, and more importantly – get noticed!
As a wedding photographer for example, you should be looking at a full complement of social media profiles to reach as large an audience as possible.
Pinterest is of special interest here as it is used predominantly by women, and let’s be honest it’s the brides who organise the wedding…right? And book the photographer..!! But more on this later…
We analyse the costs of running a photography studio and the marketing tools they use for getting customers.
In this section we also look at how to charge for your work – finding your price bracket and how to work out your photography hourly rate.
So.. having briefly touched on a few of the topics we are covering here and to get all the latest photography tips.