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Everyone knows that the best way to learn photography is to take a class or enroll in a program, but it’s difficult to find time for such study amidst the daily demands of life. For this reason, we’ve created this photography training website to help you develop your skills and techniques from home, at your own pace.

This site will continually grow and discuss such things as light, exposure, digital workflow, composition and design, equipment usage and care, printing and presentation, so you’re bound to find something in which you’re interested. The content will vary in format from text to video, and illustrations with the sole purpose of educating you all about photography and how to make money from it.

The Best Way to Learn

There’s no doubt that the best way to learn is by doing. We recommend after reading one of our articles or watching our videos that you pick up your camera and get out there and practice.

We understand that there are times in which you might not be able to carry your camera equipment with you. On days when this is the case, we recommend saving our articles or videos on your mobile device (phone or tablet) so that you can read or watch them at a later time.

How We Work For You

Here at The Wild Light, we have created an article and video library for everyone of all skill levels – from beginners to more advanced users. While it’s great to take a class with an instructor who will personally help you learn how to use your new camera, some people simply don’t have the time or money available to do so. For this reason, learning photography online is becoming an extremely popular alternative among many eager students.

While it’s great to be able to learn online, most websites are simply re-hashing information that’s already available on the web. We’re not only providing you with fresh content, but we’re explaining each article or video in a way that it makes sense for our users. Everyone learns differently and since people learn in different ways, it’s important to provide them with material that caters best to their needs.

Taking the Fear out of Gear

Investing in photography and video equipment can be daunting especially as the technology and market move so fast. Since this is the case, we understand that it can be overwhelming for those wishing to learn how to use their camera.

Most people who are using a DSLR or video camera for the first time have probably been told by a friend or family member about all of the ins and outs of photography and video, however, they still don’t know where to start. That’s why our articles and videos take an approachable tone with clear images so you feel like you’re looking over our shoulder every step of the way.

Equipment Guides

We hope that our in-depth guides and equipment reviews will take some of the guesswork out of your search for appropriate gear and add some clarity to choosing the right tools for the job. Our equipment reviews and guides will be up-to-date and based on our hands-on practical experience.

We’ll cover such things as Picking the right camera, Shooting Styles for beginners, Image compositing, landscape photography, photography for travel, and much much more. The content is built to cover all types of photography equipment so you’re able to learn about gear that interests you.

Learn Photography Today!

Regardless of your skill level or knowledge in the field, we hope that our articles and videos will help you in some way. We hope that we can offer you something educational and entertaining here at The Wild Light.